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Our Children’s Savings Hub shows you how to open doors for the young people in your life with sound investments and child-friendly advice.

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Great expectations

Turning 30 sounds far away right? But for many, this is a landmark age, that we all seem to have great expectations of where we’ll be when we finally leave our twenties!

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A teenager learning to drive

Tips to help your teen start their driving journey

Hands up if it seems like yesterday that you were waving your little one off to school and helping them to ride a bike?

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A tidy office, painted white, with a yellow feature wall. 2 Computers sit on the desk, and a guitar rests against the wall.

How to educate your children on the cost of living

We all want our kids to be ready to deal with the costs of flying the nest. The question is – how can we help prepare them?

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A teenager dancing down the street in celebration

Top 5 money management tips for teens

Money management is boring. That never changes. But spending smart means having more to spend on the things that are really important to you.

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A child, wearing glasses, sleeping on a sofa, with a blanket.

Should you charge your kids rent?

Isn’t it only fair that they contribute?

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A child standing in the center of an empty road, jumping and smiling.

Children’s Savings Guide

Making good financial decisions now can lead to a wonderful gift for their future

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Should children get pocket money?

Don’t just meet your child’s financial demands – teach them financial responsibility by having them manage their own budget

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7 student budget hacks for saving money at university

Your first student loan payment looks like a lot of money. But you soon discover it doesn’t last as long as you think.

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