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Save for your kids as you shop!

We know you're always looking to make the most of your money - that's why we've teamed up with KidStart, the free shopping club especially for parents.

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How it works

Whenever you shop with KidStart any money saved will be collected in your KidStart kiddybank and paid each month into your chosen account.

This can of course be your child's OneFamily Junior Stocks & Shares ISA or Child Trust Fund (CTF).

    • Log in or register at KidStart.co.uk
    • Shop at one of the many favourite retailers available online or in store
    • Use the Savings Prompt toolbar so you never miss a deal
    • Download the app to save when using a mobile or tablet
    • Take advantage of great cashback deals and other discounts
    • Any money saved will be collected and transferred into your chosen account

Important information about Junior ISAs and Child Trust Fund (CTF) accounts

Payments made into these types of accounts are a gift to the child - only they can access the money in the account and only from their 18th birthday.

For stocks and shares accounts - as the fund invests in the stock market it has the potential to grow, however the value can go down as well as up and your child could get back less than has been paid in.

For existing CTF cash accounts - any money paid in is held on deposit and earns interest. Its value cannot fall but due to the increasing cost of living (inflation), the child will not be able to buy as much in the future as they could today.

Choose from some of your favourite brands:

With hundreds of retailers to choose from, you can earn cashback and discounts on everything from your weekly shopping to birthday and Christmas presents, or even on larger things like holidays.


KidStart Savings Prompt

Never miss a deal again! Simply search for your favourite retailers using Google and the Savings Prompt toolbar will alert you if a KidStart deal is available on their site.

KidStart Mobile app

KidStart have also created a mobile app that allows you to quickly find deals from retailers on your mobile or tablet. It's the perfect way to save on the go!

Sign up today and start saving as you shop - the sooner you start, the more you can save!

Learn more about our Junior ISA

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OneFamily are not responsible for the content of the KidStart website or for any offers available, which may change at any time. Please go to KidStart.co.uk for full terms and conditions.

KidStart will transfer your savings into any account you choose, such as a CTF or Junior ISA - as long as it can accept one-off electronic payments. Please consider carefully which account to choose as the features of different accounts can vary.

Neither OneFamily nor KidStart provide financial advice on children's savings products - if you are unsure of the suitability of the product or any offers available, please seek advice from a suitably qualified professional.

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