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How to trace a lost Child Trust Fund

Some six million young people across the UK have a Child Trust Fund. But research suggests that more than one in six of them may have been lost

How many lost Child Trust Funds are there?

Figures from HMRC estimate that around 700,000 Child Trust Funds are dormant. Other analysis suggests up to one million accounts with holdings savings worth more than £600 million, could have the wrong contact details on them.

We’re urging those who have lost their accounts to track them down.

Child Trust Funds are a savings account which were given to all eligible babies born between September 2002 and 2 January 2011. As part of the scheme, every account was credited with up to £500 free from the Government, encouraging parents, relatives and friends to save tax-efficiently each year to boost their child’s savings. Parents, other family members, friends and the child themselves can currently put up to £9,000 a year into a Child Trust Fund.

Where did Child Trust Funds come from?

Child Trust Funds were a landmark innovation, designed to kick-start good saving habits and help parents get their children started.

Around a quarter of Child Trust Funds were automatically set up by HMRC as parents did not set up the account themselves before their child’s first birthday. Others will have got lost along the way over the years.

When did the government stop child trust funds?

The government issued Child Trust Fund vouchers to every child born and living in the UK from 1 September 2002 until the end of 2010, when the scheme ended.

How to track down a lost Child Trust Fund

For those who have lost their Child Trust Fund entirely or are not sure whether their child has one, OneFamily are here to help.

Find your CTF

As the UK’s largest CTF provider, there’s a good chance that we look after your child’s CTF. And if we don’t, we can help you to find it.

We now look after a number of CTF accounts previously managed by other providers. Use the drop down menu below to see if your original provider is on our list.

Which provider did you take your CTF with?

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