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How we're supporting our community

As a member-owned business, we believe that what we do should have a positive impact on our workplace, customers, communities and the wider world.

From laptops for studying to funding local food banks, our grants have made a huge impact where they're needed most.

Since 2015 we've:

Provided over £4.75 million to support our customers and communities

Supported more than 390 good causes

Awarded over 3,200 in individual grants

Learn about some of the great causes we've supported

The Hub G63

Who are they?

The Hub G63 are a social enterprise who aim to make it easier for their local community to access healthy, sustainable food.

What do they do?

They promote issues surrounding sustainability (local to global) with a focus on food, as well as providing access to an affordable, low-impact lifestyle.

What was the funding for?

The group received a Community Grant to help establish a community vegetable garden in their home village of Drymen, Stirlingshire.

How has the funding helped?

The garden has been very successful, with many local families taking turns to plant, nurture and harvest vegetables that were then distributed in the community. Since establishing the garden, they have gone on to start an online local food market (Neighbourfood) to support the many amazing farmers and food producers they have in the area. To complement this, they recently opened the Village Hub – a zero waste shop selling a wide range of sustainable products to the local community and the wider area.

“During Covid we have gone from strength to strength, demonstrating that local food networks are not just more sustainable, they are also more resilient, and a great way to build a sense of community!”

Ruth Glasgow, The Hub G63

The Garden Classroom

Who are they?

The Garden Classroom are a charity who connect urban children and communities with nature. Their aim is to address the mental and physical consequences of a lack of nature connection and the resulting effects on urban children’s health and wellbeing.

What do they do?

They teach primary school children outside the classroom in local green spaces, demonstrating that you don’t need to travel far to engage with nature. They provide creative outdoor experiences to educate and inspire a respect for the natural environment.

What was the funding for?

The charity received a Community Grant to help provide training for team members on the new public health and safety rules post Covid-19.

How has the funding helped?

This funding will help them to be ready to adapt their services and comply with important health and safety changes in order to deliver their service safely.

“The OneFamily funding enabled us to provide training for our highly skilled team members. We work with vulnerable, disadvantaged children so it is important that we train our team so they are able to deal with mental health issues, anxiety, stress and fear around being outside and in groups. We are supporting our community to build their confidence and resilience. This is vital as so many of the children in the area have been in lockdown for months without a balcony or garden.”

Kay Richardson, CEO, The Garden Classroom

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