For children aged 15 and younger

Invest for 10 to 25 years

Invest up to £25 each month or £270 each year

You can have a Junior Bond as well as Junior ISAs

A children's savings bond for a better future

Just think what a child could do with a cash lump sum on their 18th, 21st or 25th birthday. They might be able to use it to learn to drive and buy their first car, or to help them pay for the cost of further education. Our Junior Bond lets you invest regular amounts over a long period to help give a child those choices in the future.

What is a Junior Bond?

Our Junior Bond is a child's Tax Exempt Savings Plan (TESP) that invests in stocks and shares, which means you could see more growth than cash over the long term. When you invest there is a risk that the value of your investment can go down as well as up.

How do savings bonds work?


Why invest with OneFamily?

We make a difference
Since 2015 we've awarded over £4.75 million* to our customers and communities

Great customer service
87%** of customers who contact our UK-based call centre are happy with the service they received

Experienced and trusted
We've over 45 years' experience in helping families make the most of their money, looking after £7.3 billion for more than 2 million customers in the UK*

*As at December 2021
***Customer research carried out October through December 2021

Choose your child savings bond investment option

We’ve got two simple investment options to choose from offering different risk profiles. The fund option with a smaller proportion of equities carry less risk, but with less potential for growth over the long term.

Choose the option which works for you.

If you prefer, we can post you our full application pack, for you to read and share with your family members. Request a pack

You can also apply over the phone. Call us free on: 0808 196 2625*

*We'll be here from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We might record your call to help improve our training and for security purposes. We hope you don't mind. Calls to 0800 numbers are normally free from UK landlines and mobile phones.

Frequently asked questions about children's savings bonds

If you’re 18 or over you can open a Junior Bond for any child aged 15 and under.

Simply select which of the two investment products you would like to apply for and we will set you up with an account. You can then make payments of between £15 and £25 a month, or between £65 and £270 a year by regular Direct Debit.


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