Flight Instruction Costs:
  • R-22:  $275 per hour
  • R-44:  $500 per hour
  • Ground :  $50 per hour
Solo Rental Rates
  • R-22:  $225 per hour
  • R-44:  $475 per hour
Aircraft Delivery Fees
  • Contact us  for industry standard Pilot fees and per diem rates
  • Airport taxes, navigation fees and immigration costs to be paid by client
  • All pilot hotel and return airfare costs to be paid by client
Private Pilot Certificate cost based on FAA minimums:  (Includes additional costs outlined below)
  • 30 Hours Dual Instruction: $7,800
  • 10 Hours Solo:  $2,200
  • 10 Hours Ground:  $500
  • FAA Medical Exam:   $85
  • FAA Knowledge Exam (written):  $125
  • FAA Examiner Check Ride Fee:  $450
  • Mandatory Aircraft Rental Insurance: $400
  • Books and supplies: $200
  • Headsets are provided, however you may choose to purchase your own
  • Total:  $11,760 (Most students may require more instruction than the minimum requirements set by the FAA)  The average individual takes two to three lessons per week and finishes their private rating in approx 5 months at a cost of approx $13,500.


Additional Costs
  • FAA Medical Exam:  $85
  • FAA Knowledge Exam (written): $125
  • FAA Examiner Check Ride fee:  $550
  • Books and supplies:  $200
For information on additional ratings such as Commercial, Instrument,
CFI and CFII please contact us so that we may discuss your situation
in detail.  Our goal is to help you earn your ratings with the least
amount of cost necessary and in the best possible time frame.
Shore Helicopters does not charge any hidden fees.  There are no
fuel surcharges, taxes or mandatory pre/post flight briefings.
No contracts, advanced payment or "block deposits" are required.
All balances must be paid in full at the end of each flight.  Credit
may be extended to students once a relationship and payment history
has been established.

***Foreign Students participating in the 
Commercial Pilot Program will require a 
deposit to initiate training and the balance 
must be paid prior to receiving each rating.

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