Demo Flights

Demo flights offer an affordable and fun introductory flight/first lesson to prospective students. The intro flight consists of either a half  hour or hour flight during which time the student will be introduced to controlling the aircraft and will actually be “on the controls” during most of the flight. All flight time counts toward the rating being pursued.  Additionally, the student will have the opportunity to spend 30-45 minutes with the instructor before and after the flight discussing questions he or she may have about helicopter flight and the helicopter industry in general.

The Demo Flights are conducted in either the two seat R-22 or the four seat R-44.    During the demo flight most of the flight time will be transitioning down the coast to the  Seal Beach pier and then returning up the Long Beach shoreline to the Queen Mary and then back to the airport, where you will practice hovering and a few other flight maneuvers.

Demo Flight Costs:
R-22 – half hour:  $150
R-22 – one hour:  $250
R-44 – half hour:  $350
R-44 – one hour:  $500
All demo flights include 30-45 minutes of ground instruction prior
to the flight and post flight meeting.

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